22 May 2017

Final week for May challenge!

Recap: May challenge started on the 1st May and was

#68 Layering and Borders

TWIST use a border punch/die (or two)

There is a prize given to a random number.
I usually contact the prize winner to let them know BUT if I don't you need to contact me 
Give it about a week....... sometimes I get out of kilter with what I need to do......

If I don't hear back from you I will draw another random but I usually don't advertise this

This month the prize will be:

Couture Creations Dies
(New )

We have had three weeks already of the challenge, and I always conclude it on the Friday of the 4th week. This allows us to get ready for the next month without too much pressure. My team select a Design Team Favorite as well and this is announced along with the prize winner on the second week of the challenge. Again I usually let this person know and often ask them to be a Guest Designer. If you want to be a Guest Designer you just need to send me an email.

Each week we advertise the challenge we have some member(s) of the team who have made some more inspiration for you - this week Shylaa has made a gorgeous card using multi-media.

I made a card too - first time using that die!

Then we wait until the first Monday of the new month - in June it will be the 5th - to announce the new challenge. We sit back and wait for all the lovely new pieces of work to flow in for the challenge through the link! This month we got some beautiful things and so far not one has used a stamp! Winning! It is that simple folks. 

My team can make one or more items per month - it is up to them and what is happening in their life at the time. Some, like the gorgeous Wynn make several and some make one a month. I don't mind. If you are thinking that you would like to be a member of this team, please don't hesitate to send me an email and we can discuss it.

I usually try to bring a flavor of my place to you - some I know come from across the other side of the world. I use photographs that I or other's have taken of our beautiful place.  Here is the one for today:

by Joshua Vince
Another shot of the Fagus

Joshua says: I love this plant a lot and cant wait to get back some alpine areas next year to shoot more of this resilient little plant. 
 This shot was taken at Mount Field National Park this Autumn. The rich oranges really play with the vibrant greens up there and shooting there can be tricky as there are literally 1000000000000000 compositions to choose from . I think the twisted roots make a perfect foreground .

You can find his FB page here:

15 May 2017

Week Three - Happy Mother's Day Australia!

Yesterday was Mother's Day for Australia and various other countries. 

I went to the soccer and watched two Granddaughter's play
ans drank champers and had a picnic lunch with my step-daughter and family

It was cold but fine.

I hope all those other mother's out there celebrating had a great time too.

It is Week Three in our May Challenge
#68 Layering and Borders

TWIST use a border punch/die (or two)

Random Number Prize
Couture Creations Dies
(New )
There are quite a few stunning entries so far and with two weeks to go, I hope we get lots more. 

Here is some team inspiration to spur you on:

12 x 12 layout with old photo's of one of the Grandies.......

How's that?

Link up 

08 May 2017

Winner's Post in May

Hi Peeps! Hope you had a good week and an enjoyable crafting time somewhere in the mix. I didn't have a great deal of time to craft but I did a bit! Firstly, carrying on with my (Now) tradition of showing you beautiful shots of my lovely state, here is one from a small fishing village on the west coast of the island.

Tranquil waters! 
The author of this shot is not mentioned but if you follow the link above you will see in the gallery lots more beautiful photos.

Well, how many stunning entries did we get for April!
Beautiful work Peeps and some people are such clever crafters!

The random number draw is:

Random No: 14 Karen B

and the winner of the DT Favorite is:

Congratulations to both girls 

I have only one item to show you this week

You can find details on my blog HERE


You an scroll down to 

01 May 2017

May Day, May Day.......Happy May Day!!!

Today - Monday is the first of May! So it is time to announce the next challenge at this blog. I wonder why the sign for trouble and the need for help is 'May Day'? Whenever I need to know something like this I google it:

Mayday got its start as an international distress call in 1923. It was made official in 1948. It was the idea of Frederick Mockford, who was a senior radio officer at Croydon Airport in London. He came up with the idea for “mayday" because it sounded like the French word m'aider, which means “help me."

Well, that was interesting. May Day - the First of May -  itself is often a public holiday, particularly in the Northern Hemisphere as it is associated with an ancient European Spring Festival. It marks for them the first day of Spring. For the rest of us it is often associated with International Worker's Day. So, if I marry those two ideas - we spring into work and get into trouble.......mmmmm, sounds like a normal crafting day to me...... 

We are of course right in the middle of Autumn

The new challenge is:

#68 Layering and Borders

TWIST use a border punch/die (or two)

Random Number Prize
Couture Creations Dies
(New )

How's that?

We have some work from the wonderful Design Team to show you to get you thinking of how this might be applied.....

So, as long as there is a layer or two in there, and some type of border (either die cut or punched), you are home and hosed!

Just add your work to this LINKY

PLEASE - NO STAMPS in your work

24 April 2017

Final Week for the Current Challenge: #67 to Die for.....with a TWIST of a few birds.......

Hello Peeps - hope you are all recovered from Easter and ready to face the rest of the year? 
Our current challenge is

#67: To 'die' for.......   
TWIST  add a bird or two or three....

We have some lovely entries for this challenge and people are all so clever
However, three people did not carefully read the rules


Well, that being out of the way, here are a few inspirational things to get you going....

Firstly, there is a random prize draw

 Two small die sets
IO Dies - Bunnies 


Cheery Lyn Dies - chicks

Then there is the work of the wonderful, magical DT

Love these folds and that colour combo!

Three little bird house with birds!
They are so pretty!
Here is a close up of one

In my mind's eye this looked quite different.......however, this is what it became!

An inspirational photo too......

by Greg Faulls, at the entrance to the Salmon Ponds, central Tasmania
Autumn has arrived......

So, enough inspiration..... 

You can enter your creation 

Scroll down to find the LINKY

17 April 2017

Wheeew - midway already!

Hope you are all enjoying your Easter break and all that chocolate!

Just a reminder that there is a challenge running at this blog

#67: To 'die' for.......   

TWIST  add a bird or two or three....

Yes, there is a Prize - two small die sets
IO Dies - Bunnies 


Cheery Lyn Dies - chicks

Just look at the amazing things my lovely Design Team came up with to inspire you further!

How busy is this!

If that doesn't get you lusting for the craft room I don't know what would!

You can enter your creation 

Scroll down to find the LINKY

10 April 2017

March Winners and using Dies for a new challenge

Well, we had some lovely work presented for March - but still one crafted used a stamp. Please,


All the work submitted was lovely and all deserved to be in the draw to win the random number draw but unfortunately that could not be the case for one lovely crafter.

However, the winner of that random draw for the March Challenge: #66 Punctuate

Number 10 Sheetal

Graphic 45 Recycled box

Always, we like to acknowledge the wonderful work of an individual which has appealed the most to the DT - remembering that we all like different things in our crafting. This month that person is:

What a gorgeous, fun page.

The latest challenge for April is of course running now and is based around

To 'die' for.......   

TWIST  add a bird or two or three....

Yes, there is a Prize - two small die sets
IO Dies - Bunnies 


Cheery Lyn Dies - chicks

If you look at the inspiration this week you will see that I used the CL chicks in my project - not from the prize packet but from a set I purchased for myself as I thought they were so cute!

A box of chocolate!

and not one but three from 

So I decided to make 3 cards this month.
See my blog post for more details on each one.

Looking forward to seeing what you can create with all your dies

enter it HERE

or scroll down until you find the latest Linky!

03 April 2017

April.......how did it get here so fast?

Well, April has snuck in and our clocks got turned forward on Saturday night (meaning I got an extra hour of sleep this morning) although if you are reading this in the northern hemisphere, your just turning into Spring!
So, the Challenge #67 is 
To 'die' for.......   

TWIST  add a bird or two or three....

Prize - two small ones
IO Dies - Bunnies 


Cheery Lyn Dies - chicks

Easter is just around the corner for us all - lot's of scope there for projects with no stamps - and for those in Australia and New Zealand, we have ANZAC Day on the 25th. Just remember please no stamps to be used. Every month we have to disappoint some lovely crafter who has not read the rules.

Before we begin this month it would be remiss of me not to say to all those people in Southern Queensland and Northern New South Wales suffering from the flooding as an aftermath of Cyclone Debbie, and those who were battered around by the winds when she made land last week - my thoughts are with you all; stay safe, dry and stay positive.

There is also some inspiration to help you get started on your April project - please remember NO STAMPS are allowed:

The birds (swans) are part of the die cut border.


You can add your project at the linky at the bottom of this post

Before we leave...........

Our photo this week was taken by Greg Faull on his morning walk around Hobart last week
It is of the boat sheds at Cornelian Bay
This bay is directly opposite my house on the western side of the Derwent River

Greg says: Some of the most tightly held properties in Tasmania are not in an upmarket area or come with a million-dollar price tag - in fact, they are not even houses. The Cornelian Bay boatsheds have been a popular waterside feature for about a century and are some of the most hotly contested real estate going.

The first boatsheds were built in the late 1890s. Most of the 33 sheds were built between 1920 and 1930. 

People can stay there during the day but are not allowed to live in them, although overnight stays occasionally are permitted. They are subject to Heritage Guidelines re building and maintenance and they sell for over $A250,000 when and if they come onto the market......

Cute, eh....

28 March 2017

Final Week for the March Challenge #66: Use Punctuation

ED: My apologies for the lateness of this - I am running behind permanently lately!!

Hello Peeps - well, just a week to go for this challenge
How are you travelling?
Time to have a go?

There is a prize and some DT Favorites to be announced in the second post for April
but until then, here is some more inspiration for you!

#66 Punctuate and maybe  - be amusing


Some more work to inspire you......


Well, there you have it

Scroll down to the linky 

20 March 2017

Punctuate like a Pro!

Hi Peeps
A sunrise in Hobart last week:

Gotta love those early morning people for sharing with us this beauty!

The current challenge for March is to add punctuation to your work and the TWIST is to be amusing if possible. This opens many possibilities but just remember - please, no stamps! We all know that leaving out a comma (especially an inverted one) can bring the punctuation squad down on us like a ton of bricks. This probably illustrates why:

So, which are you?

If you are wondering what punctuation signs are suitable:

This might help.

I find my most used sign - apart from the comma - is the exclamation mark.
I think I am addicted to it's use!

Yes, there is a prize (random draw)

Here is some more inspiration to assist your imaginations:

(Did Grandma make the cake? Perhaps she is in it!)

Lot's of different ways the team have used Punctuation Signs here and all are "tongue in cheek" amusing.
So - let's see what you can make